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"I think they're very good.
Franco worked on the job until it was done right. When it turned out that what we originally envisioned couldn't be done, he was very clear in communicating to us the options we had within our budget and what would cost extra. I wish he could clone himself and his workers. I need them back to do another job."
— Maren M.
"I would highly recommend them.
They're really nice, kept everything clean, and they were good workers."
— Juan W.
"You can trust Franco with anything.
If Franco says he will get something done, he does. He stands behind his word."
— Jeff E.
"Franco is very easy to be around. He came in right on budget, and he had creative ideas.
I liked that I was able to work with him from a distance, since I was often not able to be at the job location."
— Jan S.
"Flexible, good quality work, and good customer service
I think I liked the quick turnaround time and flexibility best."
— Adrianna
"Franco's very precise and very on top of things.
Franco's work is great. The remodeling he did for me turned out beautifully. I'm satisfied with everything he did."
— Antone
"Franco does great work, and he's reliable.
Franco is down to earth."
— Tracey
"Franco's a very pleasant person to work with.
I liked the quality of the work and that Franco has a good eye for design. We were very happy with him."
— Robert M.
"Franco is a great guy and very conscientious about his work. He does high quality remodeling.
I like working with Franco. He's really conscientious, took his time to do his work well, but was able to get it done within a reasonable time frame. He also had reasonable prices for the quality of his work. I'm still enjoying his work. He made my home a better place to be."
— Nona B.
"Franco has been really perfect for me. He comes in, doesn't make a mess, and he can do everything, including plumbing and electrical work. He also thinks ahead of time about what he needs to bring with him, so he is prepared for the job when he arrives.
The finished product is great. Franco's work is perfect."
— Nicole
"Franco is very reliable, and his work passes inspection the first time. That's important.
Franco takes the extra time to make sure things are done very well. He doesn't just to get things done for the sake of being done."
— Milton B.
"They're very dependable.
They really seemed to listen to what I wanted to have done."
— Kathy S.
"That Franco came on time and showed back up when he was supposed to, he was great. He did a fantastic job.
He came on time, returned to complete the work on schedule, and was very trustworthy. He was easy to work with."
— Karen L.
"I would tell others how trustworthy Franco is and how everything went very smoothly, with no delays. There were some financial issues on our end that were difficult to work with, but Franco was very kind and generous with his time. He helped us through the process. It meant a lot to us that he was so patient.
Franco was very honest. He was able to work with us to help us come up with good ideas and affordable alternatives for the things we wanted."
— John G.
"Franco is very thorough, communicative, and responsive. He also follows up on issues well.
I like his thoroughness, communication, responsiveness, and follow-through."
— IIona C.
"I recommend Franco to others all the time. The thing I always remember to say to them is that he is someone who does what he says he will do. He'll charge what he says he will charge and shows up when he says he will. It is usually hard to find someone in this business that does all three, and he really does.
Franco's a very nice person, and he's easy to deal with. I like that I have confidence in him and that I know he will get the work done. His pricing is also very good. He is very knowledgeable, a skilled builder, and has a natural aesthetic sense for design and how things are going to look."
— Clinton
"Franco did a great job.
The job was very well done, and Franco didn't make a mess around the house. He was so much better to deal with than many other people I've used before."
— Christina R.
"Franco is very clean and picks up after himself. If it's work that's being done while you are living in your home at the same time, it's great. Also, he does the work perfectly.
I really like Franco's skills, reliability, and that he cleans up after himself so well."
— Carol R.
"Franco is reliable, he cleans up after himself, and he's talented. They're reliable, they clean up after themselves at the end of every work day, and they worked really hard to meet our timeline."
— Amanda G.
"Franco was really patient. He explained the process and the options to me, and he let me steer the ship.
Franco was comprehensive in his knowledge, so he was able to do the work that I asked him to do. The price was right, and we were able to work out a schedule that worked well with my time constraints."
— Noah D.
"They're very honest and upfront about the cost of the job. In the end, the cost was exactly what he quoted me originally, which means a lot.
Franco is an incredibly nice guy, and his crew is nice as well."
— Michael F.
"I think they're a fantastic choice.
I really liked their professionalism. I was a happy customer."
— Francisco R.
"That I've used them to remodel almost all of my house and that I would never use anyone else. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the work is outstanding. They're fabulous."
— Eric B.
"He is very good at what he does, he is prompt, and he gets the job done at a good price. He does quality work. He was very cordial, and he was good at what he did."
— Don B.

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